Asor is a municipally approved, highly experienced private supplier of home health care services and practical assistance. We serve the city of Oslo, Bærum Municipality and the other municipalities in the Vestregionen, as well as Vestby Municipality.

About Asor

We supply our services under municipal user choice schemes and on the private market. We at Asor understand the importance of predictability and a sense of stability in people’s everyday lives and this forms the platform for productive cooperation with our users and their family members.

This is what you can expect from Asor

  • Predictability in terms of time of day, day of the week and personnel performing the service;
  • Polite, respectful personnel who wear ID cards;
  • Dedication to providing users with a sense of security and continuity;
  • Consultants who are always readily available by telephone;
  • For users with a major need for assistance: a permanent team that thoroughly understands the user and their needs.


Facts about Asor

As per 31 December 2015, Asor has contracts with 17 municipalities and supplies services to 440 users. We have some 250 employees, centrally located offices in Oslo and Bærum, and 17 service vehicles for efficient transport of our personnel. Asor is a well-established company with high user and employer satisfaction scores. The owners’ motivation is to provide the highest possible quality in every link of the service chain, rather than to maximise profits.

Asor attaches great importance to social well-being and organises annual summer parties open to users and staff members alike.

History of Asor

Asor was established by Rizalina Jenssen in 1999. During her years as a nurse in the municipal health care sector, she saw the tremendous need for personnel to provide practical assistance and nursing services, particularly in the greater Oslo area. Since then Asor has recruited and trained health care personnel, with a strong focus on the company’s ethical and philanthropic responsibility.

Asor understands that the ability to communicate well in Norwegian is just as important as professional competency. From the beginning, Asor has provided in-house language training as well as help in gaining certification in Norway.


Asor Vision

Asor is seeking to become one of the leading private suppliers under the municipal user choice scheme. Asor works to give personnel, employers, users and their family members a sense of stability, with focus on expertise, professional skills and predictability of services. Asor strives to be an easily accessible partner in central Eastern Norway.

Core concept


Asor is a private supplier of in-home nursing services, in-home intensive care, practical assistance and user-driven personal assistance (BPA). Asor seeks to supply its services to all of the inhabitants in the city of Oslo, municipalities in the Vestregionen, including Asker, Bærum and Drammen, and Vestby municipality. The contracts with these municipalities are, and will continue to be, the platform for this. The company hires, and will continue to hire, reliable, highly trained personnel. The company focuses, and will continue to focus, on health, safety and the working environment (HSE), continual competence-building, control routines and more. Asor seeks to be synonomous with quality in every link of the service chain.

Future vision


We at Asor see how fast society is changing and that sustainable solutions must be found to meet the growing need for welfare services in Norway. Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise, Asor is in a unique position to follow these developments, particularly in home care services. Norway, like many other countries, is a multicultural society and not everyone speaks or understands Norwegian. We at Asor understand that the use of advanced technology, such as eHealth, is going to play a larger role in providing welfare services. Asor will strive to remain at the forefront, offering services based on modern solutions in a compassionate, friendly and trustworthy manner.

Contact Asor


Main office: Hovinveien 19, 0576 Oslo

Telephone: 22 68 89 91

Our office in Bærum:
  • kontor
  • Address: Bærumsveien 373, 1346 Gjettum


    Telephone  : 64 00 38 00
    Office time : 08 – 17