Independent living BPA

User-driven personal assistance (BPA) is available to individuals with reduced functionality and a major, long-term need for assistance.



Under the BPA scheme, you can hire an assistant who will provide personal and practical assistance in your everyday life according to your needs and wishes.You decide:
  • Who your assistant will be;
  • What your assistant will do;
  • Where and when your assistant will be at your side.
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This is what you can expect from Asor’s user-driven personal assistance (BPA):
  • You will have access to qualified consultants who are responsible for following you up to ensure that you – the work supervisor – receive help, advice and guidance whenever you need it;
  • Asor can either supply an assistant or support you through the entire employment process to ensure that you get the assistant you want;
  • Asor has a special BPA course for assistants and can help work supervisors with training;
  • Asor has a special BPA course for work supervisors;
  • Asor can help you to put together an optimal team;
  • Asor can provide qualified substitutes when your assistant is sick or on holiday;
  • Asor has extensive experience with BPA and can help you to tailor assistance to your needs and wishes.
Asor is an approved supplier of BPA services in the city of Oslo, Bærum Municipality and the municipalities in the Vestregionen. To ensure that your BPA services function smoothly, your consultant at Asor will be readily available, giving you a genuine partner who can help you on a daily basis.Asor seeks to ensure that your BPA service functions smoothly. Your consultant will be readily available, giving you a genuine partner who can help you on a daily basis.Under the BPA scheme, users structure their daily lives and the personal and practical assistance they receive. You, the user, have the role of work supervisor and the responsibility for organising tasks according to your needs. The objective is for you to lead an independent life with as few limitations as posssible.
Your household’s total taxable income will determine how much you will have to pay. Provided that you are qualified (have a vedtak), your co-payment will be the same regardless of whether you choose a private or a municipal service provider.You will be charged an hourly rate, which will never exceed the ceiling for your income bracket.Please see the webpages for your municipality for current rates and application procedures. All figures and legislation are subject to change.Feel free to contact us for further information.
If you have already received a decision (vedtak) from your municipality or district qualifying you for user-driven personal assistance, you have what you need for us to find the right assistant for you.If you have not received a vedtak, we can help you to apply for one.For further details about the process of applying for a vedtak, please follow this link :

Oslo Kommune BPA vedtak
If you have already received a decision from your municipality or need help, call me now at 22 68 89 91 Or click here if you want me to call you!


  • Richard Wold
    BPA manager