Home care and practical assistance

Home care services and practical assistance (Hjemmehjelp / Praktisk bistand) are available to individuals who need help due to illness, injury, disability, age or the like.



Services include:
  • Personal care, such as washing or dressing;
  • Food preparation, and in certain cases grocery shopping;
  • Domestic chores, such as cleaning
  • Laundry
This is what you can expect from Asor’s home care services and practical assistance:
  • A dedicated consultant who will follow you up
  • Predictability in terms of time and personnel;
  • Flexibility and reliability;
  • Services tailored to your needs and wishes.
 Today, anyone living in their own home who has received, or will receive, a decision from their municipality (vedtak) qualifying them for home care or personal assistance is free to choose their service provider.Asor has extensive experience in providing home care services and practical assistance, and is an approved supplier within the city of Oslo and Bærum Municipality.Our consultants are always readily available and eager to ensure that you receive predictable, reliable services on a fixed day at a fixed time by a fixed person.Feel free to contact us if you or your family members have any questions regarding us or our services.
Your household’s total taxable income will determine how much you will have to pay. Provided that you are qualified (have a vedtak), your co-payment will be the same regardless of whether you choose a private or a municipal service provider.You will be charged an hourly rate, which will never exceed the ceiling for your income bracket.Please see the webpages for your municipality for current rates and application procedures. All figures and legislation are subject to change.Feel free to contact us for further information.
If you have already received a decision from your municipality or district (vedtak) qualifying you for home care or practical assistance, you have what you need for us to find the right nurse or health care worker for you.If you have not received a vedtak, we can help you to apply for one.For further details about the process of applying for a vedtak, please follow these links:

Application page at Oslo Kommune

Application page at Bærum Kommune
If you have already received a decision from your municipality or district , or need help, call me now on 22 68 89 91 Or click here if you want me to call you!


  • Christoffer Jenssen
    Home care Manager
  • hjemmehjelpasor.no