In-home intensive health care

Intensive home care is available to individuals who need medical care and who choose to have it in their own home rather than a nursing home. Intensive home care can be provided in the form of medical assistance, personal care, guidance and continuous observation as needed, by the hour or around the clock.



Services include:
  • Administering medication or minor medical procedures;
  • Personal care, such as washing or dressing;
  • Wound care and dressing change;
  • Assistance in getting up and going to bed;
  • Toileting;
  • Advice on diet/nutrition, and other health-related questions;
  • Guidance and training to enable you to master tasks on your own, such as organising and administering medications and changing ostomy bags.
This is what you can expect from Asor’s in-home intensive care:
  • Fixed contact persons;
  • Manned 24-hour hotline;
  • Flexibility and reliability;
  • Accommodating, solution-oriented consultants;
  • Predictable services tailored to your needs and wishes;
  • Qualified substitutes when your nurse or health care worker is sick or on holiday.
Asor is an approved supplier of In-home intensive health care under the user choice scheme in the city of Oslo and Bærum Municipality. We provide these services around the clock.We have a large staff of highly trained nurses, auxiliary nurses and health care workers.We strive to ensure that our clients and their family members have contact with the fewest possible personnel on a day-to-day basis.Ensuring reliability, predictability and a sense of security lie at the core of what we do. Through effective dialogue, adaptation and follow-up by our nurses and health care workers, we tailor our services to your needs.Feel free to contact us if you or your family members have any questions regarding us or our services.
Provided that you are qualified (have a vedtak) to receive in-home intensive care, these services will be covered in full by your municipality. All legislation is subject to change.
If you have already received a decision from your municipality or district (in Norwegian: vedtak) qualifying you for in-home intensive care, you have what you need for us to find the right nurse or health care worker for you.If you have not received a vedtak, we can help you to apply for one.For further details about the process of applying for a vedtak, please follow these links:

Application page at Oslo Kommune

Application page at Bærum Kommune
If you have already received a decision from your municipality or need help, call me now at 22 68 89 91 Or click here if you want me to call you!


  • Birthe Axelsen
    Intensive unit manager